The Story of Wise Little Ears

Hi! We are Lara and Mabel, founders of Wise Little Ears. After years of friendship, we decided to combine forces to create a space for parents and caregivers to find resources to protect their children against noise-induced hearing loss.

Lara is an educator and mother of two little boys, and Mabel is a Doctor of Audiology and mother to two little girls. We had an ah-ha moment during Lara's second pregnancy when she was preparing to use a power tool for a home renovation project. With hearing protection on her own ears, she started wondering about the 32-week old fetus growing precariously close to the noisiest part of the tool. Before starting, she sent a quick text to Mable, who informed her that she was right to be concerned. A developing baby CAN suffer noise-induced hearing loss in utero.

That got both women thinking about the lack of childhood hearing information available to parents and caregivers, and over the course of the next year and dozens of cups of coffee (Lara) and tea (Mabel), the idea for Wise Little Ears took shape.

We strive to provide an educated approach to preventing childhood noise-induced hearing loss. We are committed to quality information and products that parents can understand and use properly. We are active in the industry as well as in our roles as parents. And we believe that all communities are deserving of safe hearing spaces.

We are so glad you stopped by and can't wait to hear from you!

Happy hearing!

Lara and Mabel | Wise Little Ears