HI! We are so glad you stopped by. We're Lara and Mabel, friends, moms and co-owners of Wise Little Ears.

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    Our Mission

    At Wise Little Ears, our mission is to provide parents and caregivers with an educated approach to preventing childhood noise-induced hearing loss. We are committed to quality information and products that parents can understand and use properly.  We are active in our fields as well as in our roles as parents. And we believe that all communities are deserving of safe hearing spaces.

    Happy Hearing!

    Lara and Mabel

  • An Educator’s Perspective

    As an educator and a mom to two boys, I admit that hearing is not something I thought much about until I met Mabel. But now that I understand how important hearing is to childhood development, I want to share it with every parent and caregiver who will listen.

    I’m proud to be a part of Wise Little Ears because to me, it’s not enough just to make hearing protection available. Parents need simple, straightforward educational materials to know how and when to protect their child’s hearing.

    Happy Learning!

    Lara, MAT

  • An Audiologist’s Perspective

    As a Doctor of Audiology, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to raising the awareness of hearing health. The world is a noisy place, and many of us don’t realize the importance of hearing health care, or the detrimental impacts that noise-induced hearing loss can have on our lives. 

    As a mom, I was inspired to create Wise Little Ears as a way to build tools, resources and ultimately a community around the importance of hearing protection for children. Raising two young girls, I know first hand how busy (and noisy) life can be. Caregivers should know that noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable and that it's never too early (or late) to start thinking about hearing protection and noise prevention strategies that will make a difference in their child’s life. 

    Happy Hearing!

    Mabel, AuD

Did you know that your child’s language development, social skills and academic success are all 100% correlated to their hearing?

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