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5 Cool Baby Shower Gifts for Active Parents

When it comes to baby shower gifts, there are two types of people in this world, those who nail the baby shower gift EVERY TIME, and those who have absolutely have no idea what to get. For those of us in the latter category, what to gift a parent to celebrate the arrival of a new baby can be somewhat anxiety provoking. Add in a coolness factor of 10 for active soon-to-be parents, and it can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we’ve got 5 surefire ideas (at multiple price points) for active soon-to-be (or second or third or fourth…) time parents out there.

1) An on-the-go changing pad. Poop happens. And with babies, it happens a lot. For those moments when a changing table is just not available (or when it is suspect and needs some extra buffering), every new parent will appreciate the joey changing kit by Dange Dover ($60). It’s washable and waterproof, which is of the upmost importance in the world of new babies. Possibly the best feature of this changing pad is the neutral, classy look. Who says new parents need to be covered from head to toe in bunny patterns and pastel colors?

Changing pad folded with clip

2) Fanny packs are back! And as a child of the 80s/90s, I am overjoyed. Kibou has taken the fanny pack resurgence to a whole new level with an ethically made, minimalist inspired diaper bag ($88) that can be worn around the waist or across the chest. Every active new parent will love the slim, hands-free option that can go anywhere. It includes a waterproof pocket for wet wipes and a changing pad. This is seriously genius.

    3) Wise Little Ears hearing protection earmuffs ($32.99) bands made specifically for babies. This is an AMAZING gift for parents who like to travel, attend sporting events or music festivals. Not only is this gift cute and practical, but it shows you care by protecting baby's hearing while giving new parents the freedom to bring their little bundle to places that may otherwise be too loud for little ears. Better yet, these infant bands ship for free in a super cute, baby shower approved box. Available in gray, green and orange, and includes an infant hearing mini course.

    Baby wearing Hearing Protection with Green band

        4) A travel highchair like the Inglesina Fast Table Chair ($79) is the perfect gift for foodie parents who don’t plan to give up restaurants in favor of chicken nuggets and tater tots (not to pooh-pooh nuggets and tots, we are big fans!). This hook-on style high chair fits most tables with scratch free arms that clamp directly to the table, taking up no floor space while keeping the baby at arm’s reach from the table. It only weighs 4 lbs. and comes with a on over-the-shoulder carrying case.

        Black high chair that attaches to a table

            5) The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light ($399.99) is hard to beat for parents who like to travel. It’s simple to set up and break down, washable and includes a slim, travel-friendly mattress that all packs up together in an easy-to-carry bag. And the absolute best part… it only weighs 13 lbs. and is free of small parts so there is nothing to drop or lose. This is the travel hack of all hacks for new parents who plan to spend time away from home with their little one. Pair this gift with the Wise Little Ears hearing protection earmuffs for those travel-savvy parents with frequent flier status.

              Black mesh travel crib

              Happy gifting!

              Lara and Mabel